Drawings and CAD Programming
CNC Cinche Mill
CNC Milling Machine
Mould Cavity
CNC Wire-Cutting
Finished Mould
Mixing Material
Bags of Raw Material
Hopper Dryer
Machine Setter
Quality Control
Packed Boxes
Delivery Vehicle

Dave Ongers started this small business in 1991 and it has grown tremendously. 


We are fully BBEEE complient and keep 100% of all records. 

- Design:  Solid Works,  Drawing,  3d Printing.

- Engineering:  Presses,  Dies,  Jigs,  Moulds,

                         Fabrication,  Restoration, Spark                                   Eroading,  Wire Cutting,   CNC                                   Turning,   Any and all

                         Enginneering Applications.

- Plastics: Injection Moulding,  75Tonne, 120Tonne, 

                  130Tonne,  150Tonne,  160Tonne,  280T,

                  150L and 240L., Re-Grind, Recycle.

4 Eagle Street, Okavango Industria, Brackenfell.

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