Meet all our Staff, get to know them.

Where we make the drawing and 3d Print models for pre-fabrication.

See how our moulds run and all care is made in making our products.

Tel: 021-981-0814 | Fax: 021-981-6173

Mon - Thurs: 08h00 - 17h30

Fri: 08h00 - 14h45

Dave Ongers started this small business in 1991 and it has grown tremendously. 


We are fully BBEEE complient and keep 100% of all records. 

- Design:  Solid Works,  Drawing,  3d Printing.

- Engineering:  Presses,  Dies,  Jigs,  Moulds,

                         Fabrication,  Restoration, Spark                                   Eroading,  Wire Cutting,   CNC                                   Turning,   Any and all

                         Enginneering Applications.

- Plastics: Injection Moulding,  75Tonne, 120Tonne, 

                  130Tonne,  150Tonne,  160Tonne,  280T,

                  150L and 240L., Re-Grind, Recycle.

4 Eagle Street, Okavango Industria, Brackenfell.

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